Which type of toddler is yours?

1. The Laugher


This one always has the giggles. Serious situation or not, you can always expect a laugh - and it’s often contagious!

2. The Crier


Similar to the previous, but with tears. But hey, April showers bring May flowers - it works for kids too.

3. The Quiet One


Is something bothering them? Are they mad? Are they shy? Sometimes it’s hard to tell - but actions speak louder than words!

4. The Easy


No maintenance required. You know they’ll be fine in any situation. Satisfied with whatever they’re given, and you’re envious of their nonchalance.

5. The Fusser


Every activity is a battle. Getting dressed, going to the store, eating - something can always go wrong. It’s like having a personal little “autocorrect” walking around with you!

6. The Ruler


Somehow, even though you know they’re playing mind games with you, you can’t prove it. They know what you’re thinking, and they’re going to take over the world.

7. The Stickyfingers


Kids love to touch everything they see, and no matter what you do, their hands are always sticky.

8. The Messy Eater


Can be one of the causes of sticky fingers, but this child is a master of art - if you consider food the paint and your kitchen the canvas. Don’t wear whites during meals!

9. The Deep Sleeper


You’re blessed if you have one of these. Once they’re asleep, nothing short of the apocalypse will wake them up. Good for you!

So, which type of toddler is yours?