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How it works: A Peddler Story

Discover what people want

This is Pete. He’s had his eye on a new camera but it’s very expensive online.

Find out who want your products

Pete posts the camera on Peddler and you get notified about demand for your product.

Let them make it popular

Pete knows that when others are interested, he’ll get a great offer. He makes it popular by sharing his camera with other Peddlers, who join his crowd.

Make a great offer

As simple as that, you have a crowd of customers excited for your product, and you make a great offer for Pete and the others.

Watch the sales roll in

Pete and his crowd are notified straight away and before you know it, buyers from all over the world are joining in to snap up your offer.

Everyone wins

You get a huge crowd of happy customers and sell out your stock. Using the power of the crowd, your sales will soar.

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Register as a merchant today!