KORG Volca fm Synthesizer



Polyphonic digital synth with the classical FM tone generation

The volca-series combines the classical technologies of groove machines, samplers and other sound engines of the past with the dance music of the present. Now, the series by an FM-sound engine. Volca fm is a 3-voice digital FM synthesizer. It reproduces the sound engine of a classic FM synths and is fully compatible with the original. Its multi-faceted FM sounds can be controlled via the intuitive interface effectively manipulate volca without having to be familiar with the details of the FM synthesis. The 16-step sequencer with new functions such as WARP ACTIVE STEP and PATTERN CHAIN expanded and provides even more complex rhythm pattern.

3-voice polyphonic FM synthesizer, fully compatible with the classic original

The advent of the FM (Frequency Modulation) sound generation marked a major turning point in the synthesizer history. The metallic, sharp sounds of e-pianos, synth bass and other instruments are since the 1980s until today in the whole music scene is very popular. volca fm reproduces the sound engine of the classical digital synthesizer, the FM Synthesis abruptly known powers, in a unique, perfect way. His six operators and 32 algorithms are fully compatible to the original and can even files in the SYS-EX/SYX format of the classic DX7 process.

Simple Sound Editing

With the easily operable MODULATOR/CARRIER rotary controls of the volca fm is the FM sound processing for each course and applicable - the control movements work simultaneously on multiple parameters and allow for spontaneous sound modifications. And FM-enthusiasts can dive deep into the world of the parameters via the menu. For orientation and instructions is a comprehensive list of parameters is enclosed.

Integrated CHORUS effect

In addition to perfect reproduction of the classic sound engine offers also a dense chorus effect of the volca fm sounds an enormous depth gives and the sound potential has been expanded significantly.

16-step sequencer with automation of all parameters

With the 16-step loop sequencer you can record your performance on the touch panel keyboard directly, so that no volatile inspirations are lost. Up to 16 sequence pattern can be in the memory back up and retrieve. The motion sequence function takes over your control movements on and varies the sound through changes in the course of time. This allows loops in detail to prepare and original live performances combine.

WARP ACTIVE STEP, ARPEGGIATOR and PATTERN CHAIN for innovative rhythm and Pattern loops

In addition to the active step function with which one can skip steps of a sequence, the volca fm new functions for generating irregular rhythms. If less than 16 steps can be created with active step, this can be compensated with the warp active step function and the playback time on 16 steps. By then the playback to another device of the volca series synchronized, you can use the step timing intentionally twisting and really unconventional performances. As the first device of the volca-series is equipped with a fm volca Arpeggiator. In connection with a motion sequence can now be extremely eccentric rhythm pattern. As an extension can be created with the Pattern Chain function up to 16 sequences can be connected with each other, in sequence playback and chains of 32, 64 or even 256 steps.

Highlights & Details

  • 3-VOICE Polyfonie
  • Automated Step Sequencer
  • 16 Steps
  • 6 operators, 32 algorithms
  • Warp Active Step, Arpeggiator and Pattern Chain


  • Type: FM Synthesis
  • Maximum Polyfonie: 3 votes
  • Structure: 6 operators, 32 algorithms
  • Number of programs: 32
  • Directly editable: Modulator (Attack, Decay), Carrier (Attack, Decay), LFO (Rate, P. depth), Algrtm-comprehensive editing of all operator parameters in the edit mode.
  • Controls: Transpose, Velocity, Octave, Arp (Type, Div)
  • Arpeggiator types 9: (each 3 pattern for "rise", "case" and "random").
  • Voice modes: Poly, mono, Unison.


  • AA alkaline battery x6 (for testing)
  • Sync cable
  • Edit parameter list.


  • BrandKorg

  • SKU1763251

  • Country of originjp

  • Length115.0 mm

  • Width193.0 mm

  • Weight360.0 g

  • Height40.0 mm

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