Philips Avance Collection Micro Masticating Juicer




The Philips Avance Collection Micro Masticating Juicer uses innovative technology to extract the maximum goodness from vegetables and fruit (up to 90%).

The large feed tube cuts down on prep time. Soft fruits and hard vegetables can all be juiced - even normally difficult to juice fruits such as mangos and bananas.

Greens such as spinach and wheatgrass and even nuts such as almonds can all be masticated, enriching your drink with fibre and extra flavour.

Masticating juicers are notoriously messy things to clean. Not so with the Avance MicroMasticating Juicer. A pre-clean function will squeeze the final drops of juice from the machine whilst cleaning the inside so very little juice is wasted.

The componenets of this juicer are easy to detach and have no sharp edges or corners for pulp and fibres to stick to, so a quick wash under a tap will quickly rinse everything away.

An innovative no-sieve design allows juice to flow seamlessly into your glass via a filter to remove any unwanted particles.

It is so simple to clean that you won't need a brush.

Other handy features of this Juicer include a handy drip-stop nozzle; slim design (only 11cms wide); recipe book with 40 healthy recipes; Handy storage - any small removable parts can be safely stored in the pulp container.

Supplied with a two year Philips guarantee.


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