Ever heard of a "pregnancy brain"? Neither had I. Until I got pregnant and got to live it.

Apparently, your brain chemistry changes when becoming pregnant which causes you to leave your phone in the fridge and drive to the supermarket instead of work. Oh, and wake up from every single sound your baby makes of course. That’s when I started wondering why they call it pregnancy brain though, I’m three years into motherhood and still don’t have my full brain capacity back. Thus, I prefer to refer to my brain "mummy brain" instead.

Could it be damage from all the sleep deprivation or is the care for my son just taking up space? Asking around my fellow mother friends I found they all experience the same thing so that’s somewhat comforting.

"There are so many things to keep track of and so little head space"

So, at some point you need to start dealing with this new you. There are so many things to keep track of and so little head space. I have a paper / digital memory now in the form of lists and I love them. I’ve always been a to-do list maker but ever since I’ve become a mum my list-making skills have reached new heights.

Here’s three essential lists to dealing with a mummy brain:

The mother of all lists


My go-to list for all that needs attention in my life: work, the household, my kid, birthdays... I use the default Notes app on my iPhone. I love making categorized lists and then deleting the to-dos - a very important part of keeping lists, bringing you the satisfaction of crossing tasks off. Some people even make it into a hobby and use a bullet journal.

I don’t know about you but I can’t afford to lie awake and repeat to-do lists in my head anymore so I make sure to bring my notes (and a pen, when using a good old paper notebook) to bed.

The shopping list


Get a shopping list app on your phone and make your other half does the same. You may think of some necessities that you’ve ran out of at any odd time of the day and your phone is something you will likely have with you. You want to minimize your trips to a supermarket as much as possible once you have kids. We all know that annoying child in a supermarket who obviously isn’t being raised very well. One day, that kid will be yours. Trust me.

Anyhow, now that you can add groceries to the list at any time of day - or night - you can get your other half to do all the shopping and actually get everything you need. Win.

The I-can’t-wait-to-buy-this wish list


So, once your child starts crawling but is still putting everything in their mouth, it is time to toddler-proof your house.

All these new toddler skills are very exciting for everyone. In the meantime, all the nice things in your house that you keep on your side tables and windowsills aren’t equally excited since they are now at risk of being eaten by the little one.

We’ve put those little items in a big box in the attic for the time being. Given that I still like pleasing my eyes by looking at beautiful things we started a wish list on Peddler.com where I can save all my dream products. When a good deal comes around I’ll buy it, the rest of the time I just spend dreaming away in front of my laptop imagining what it will look like in my house when the time is right.

Hopefully, my brain will be back to full power by then as well.

Sanne Bais

Operations Manager