Win a £ 50 voucher

How does the competition work?

There are 3 simple steps

  • Step 1: Follow Peddler on Peddler Facebook
  • Step 2: Like the contest post on Peddler Facebook
  • Step 3: Tag two friends on the post who might want £50 as well! (but we will only choose one)
  • Extra bonus points: Every person tagged in addition to the two friends will win you an extra entry (up to 5)

What is the deadline for entry? August 20th

When is the winner announced? August 29th

What does the winner get?

£50 to spend on any product on Peddler - Dyson, Sonos, Sony, Samsung, Apple, Beats, Nike, etc. - it's your choice!

What is Peddler and how does it work?

Peddler is a group buying site that allows users to combine their interest in any product in order to get everyone a discount. There are three stages of a product on Peddler.

1. Products that are "boosted", which means that you cannot purchase it yet. When the product gets enough interest (boosts), we will contact the merchant to make you an offer.

2. The second stage is when we get an offer from a merchant with prices at different quantities. For instance, £50 if one users buys the product, £75 each if more than 5 users buy it, £60 each if more than 10 users buy it, and £50 each if 20 or more users buy it. You can also "Hold and Wait" for the lowest price to be unlocked. When you "Hold & Wait", you pay and your item is shipped automatically only if the lowest price is unlocked by the time the offer ends. If the lowest price is not unlocked, the order does not go through and you pay nothing.

3. The third stage is when the product has already reached it's lowest price, and you can purchase the item and it is processed for shipping immediately.

Basically, you tell us what product you want and our job is to get you a great offer on it. It's really that simple. For more information click here to read our FAQs.

So what are you waiting for? Get sharing!

Stijn van Krimpen

Business Developer