Carrera GO Plus Next Race Course

At a glance

  • Carrera GO F1 cars Ferrari vs Mercedes
  • Bluetooth link between race track and the Carrera GO Plus App
  • Pit-Stop game with different random pit-stop tasks
  • Races against an opponent or against a Ghostcar (car run by the racecourse)
  • Including Looping


The Carrera GO!!! Plus serie is a race track with extra option from the regular GO serie.

The Carrera GO !!! Plus app offers extra digital games in combination with the track. When the GO !!! Plus app is activated, it will sent task randomly to one of the drivers during the race. The driver in question must stop at the pit stop where the app indicates the marker. Randomly selected tasks must be performed as quickly as possible, only then the player can resume the race. The car is blocked and can not be driven until the job is completed and can only run when the job is completed or otherwise only after 20 seconds. In combination with the Pit-Stop game, an error signal will sound if the car stops at the pit stop and just drives. The round won’t count.

Shipped from the Netherlands


  • Brand Carrera


  • MPN 20066001

  • Depth 12.0 cm

  • Length 63.0 cm

  • Width 40.0 cm

  • Weight 3.0 kg

  • Language French, Italian, Spanish, English

  • EAN 4007486660014

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