If you are looking for a 19-inch media player that has CD, wireless and solid-state playback options, then you should definitely go with the Denon DN-300Z. Easy to install in a 19 inch rack, but also very suitable for fixed installations in restaurants, bars and shops. The big advantage is the Bluetooth connectivity, with this you connect smartphones and tablets and you can easily and quickly stream your favorite music. The DN-300Z also has a built-in AM / FM tuner so that you can listen to the radio. The front panel can be locked so that nobody can access your settings. This media player plays CD-DA, MP3, WAV and AAC files.


  • Brand Denon

  • UPC 694318024232

  • SKU 1954113


  • Country of origin us

  • Width 483.0 mm

  • Height 43.0 mm

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