Kalkhoff Durban Move G8 2018 Women's E-City Bike

At a glance

  • Svelte aluminium alloy frame
  • Proven reliable Shimano Altus/SLX 1x8 Rapidfire gear shifting
  • Quality hydraulic disc brakes - why you want them
  • The bike comes fitted with full mudguards and a chainguard to help you stay clean
  • It also comes with a rear rack to carry panniers
  • Then it's fitted with a heavy duty kickstand for easy parking when there's nowhere convenient to lean the bike
  • The high quality front and rear LED lights are powered by the main battery (like a car's lights)
  • These lights are bolted onto the bike - the front at the fork crown and the rear on the back of the pannier rack - so you'll never be caught out without them
  • The adjustable stem makes it easier to achieve the most comfortable bar height


Kalkhoff develop and produces city, urban and trekking bikes with the utmost care in our very own factory in northern Germany. Working together, experienced engineers design the frames and ensure that the materials used are of a high quality.

The Groove Go is rear mounted motor with range upto 45km, torque up to 32 Nm and will assistance you up to 25 km/h.

The simplified rear wheel-drive design has enabled Kalkhoff to create a more affordable women's electric bike that is still super reliable for city riding.

Thanks to its less-is-more design, the Durban Move G8 Kalkhoff could be the perfect urban e-bike.

How did Kalkhoff create a simpler e-bike

  • Kalkhoff spec'ed the proven reliable Groove Go rear wheel drive motor
  • Rear wheel drive is simpler and less costly than integrating the motor with the bottom bracket and chainset
  • Its 32Nm torque motor is less powerful than you'll find on more expensive Kalkhoffs but it's just fine for hilly cities
  • Its 252 Wh Li-ion battery has a maximum range of 45km per charge in the best conditions (probably around 20km in mixed conditions, but that's still sufficient run time for most urban cyclists)
  • Its smaller capacity makes the battery lighter weight (sub-2kg rather than the usual 3.5kg) and more compact so it can be fixed to the frame down tube
  • Instead of a control panel computer on the handlebar, the Durban Move makes do with an on/off button on the battery
  • Kalkhoff also save on weight and cost by equipping the Durban Move G8 with a rigid fork rather than suspension
  • In compliance with EU and UK law, this e-bike is a pedal bike with up to 250W power assist, which cuts out once you reach 25KPH (15.5 MPH)
  • This limiter doesn't prevent you going faster 'the old way' - by pedalling harder


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