Korg Wave Drum 2 Digital Drum Kit

Product Overview

Wave Drum Global Edition - Dynamic Percussion synthesizer with a huge selection of world-class sounds

The New Wave drum and largest global edition embodies the next step in the development of this unique instrument family. The Global Edition offers with their coveted international percussion sounds so far the widest range of innovative sounds as well as a significant increase in sound quality and dramatic improvement in operation. 2009 presented KORG the wave drum WD-X, a new edition of the original wave drum from the year 1994. The newly discovered 09 he WD-X-excited as a creative performance tool large attention and offered users of the original wave drum as well as future-oriented percussionists new, fascinating possibilities of expression. This was followed by models such as the Wave Drum Oriental with additional arab sounds, the wave drum mini with a novel sensor clip as well as limited edition models with special colors. And the unlimited potential of this instrument provides for a faster dissemination of the worldwide wave drum mania.

Highlights & Details

  • 200 presets offer a wide range of sound
  • Jam along a pleasure and practice
  • 140 pre-recorded loop phrases
  • 200 memory slots


  • Dynamic Percussion synthesizer of the second generation with unprecedented power of expression
  • Sound Engine combines DSP-based algorithms with PCM sounds and allows multi-faceted and extremely flexible performances
  • A pressure sensor and several pick-ups to recognize when hit on fur and frame subtlest nuances and create expressive, new sounds
  • Precise Pickups improve the dynamic range at high and deep pitches and provide for a higher sensitivity at low-noise sounds
  • You can play at the same time different sounds on impact fur and frame or by pressing the fells performance effects, only with the wave drum are possible
  • 200 presets offer a wide range of classical percussion sound up to unique innovative sounds
  • 200 user programs to store your own sounds and settings
  • New Input Sensitivity parameter supports different user types, from the beginner to professional
  • Acoustic instruments and other base sounds have been improved
  • Live mode saves 12 favorite programs which can be called up immediately settings (4 x 3 banks)
  • Compact and light - as a stand-alone instrument and, together with a normal drum kit or performance/Percussion rig can be used
  • 140 pre-recorded loop phrases from different genres to jam or practice
  • AUX input for listening or mixing of any audio sources, such as CD, MP3 or the second wave drum.


  • Brand Korg

  • EAN 4959112104143

  • SKU 1882147

  • Height 75.0 mm

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