NIKKO Air Elite 220 Pro Drone with FPV

Experience ultimate drone racing with the NIKKO Air Elite 220 Pro Drone with FPV! Elite drone racing technology is developed by drone racers to enhance the skills of future pilots.

With first person view (FPV), you can see the world from your drone. Simply slip on the FPV goggles to take in an aerial view as though you’re on board. The FPV goggles feature a comfortable fit and a 4.3" full colour LCD screen for a fully immersive flight experience. The drone’s 130˚ wide angle camera captures incredible footage as it soars through the skies.

The screen can be removed from the FPV goggles and attached to the controller for a more traditional flight that still lets you see everything your drone sees. The 5.8GHz analogue frequency lets you see real-time footage of your flight with no delays or interruptions.

This clever drone features 3 variable flight modes and multiple speed settings, making the NIKKO Air Elite 220 Pro Drone with FPV suitable for beginners and advanced pilots alike. It can even perform 6 one- touch stunts that are sure to impress.

The NIKKO Air Elite 220 Pro Drone with FPV features a Drone Racing League (DRL) flight simulator, so you can work on your piloting skills before you take to the skies in real life. Compete in real DRL courses as you learn to fly with this digital gaming platform.

Flying drones requires a certain level of skill. Practice in open, obstacle-free spaces and be prepared for the inevitable bump and crash as you learn to fly.


  • Brand NIKKO

  • SKU 160074

  • Diameter 30.0 cm

  • Clock Frequency 5.8 gHz

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