Philips AC3256 60 Anti-Allergen Air Purifier

Clean the air and breathe easier at home!

  • Fast: Captures 99.9% of bacteria in 1 hour. Philips - one of global leaders in air purifiers*
  • Removes 99% of airborne particles such as dust, pet hair and pollen
  • Clean air delivery rate (CADR): 367 m3/hour for a healthier home
  • Enjoy peaceful, undisturbed sleep with night mode setting
  • Quickly measures air quality: Blue - good, purple - fair, red - bad

If you, or anyone in your household suffers from allergies, hay fever or other respiratory problems, an air purifier can be a real blessing. Purifying the air around you can help you breathe easier: the air is cleaner, and the room is a healthier, more comfortable place to be.

You can use the air purifier from the Philips Anti-Allergen range day or night to help you and your family. Smart sensors measure the room’s air quality and automatically select the setting that will keep it at the optimum level. It works exceptionally quickly to clean the air, capturing 99.9% of bacteria in the first hour of use* and removing 99% of airborne particles such as dust, pet hair & pollen**. This purifier also operates quietly and dims its light at night, so it won’t disturb your sleep, or your children’s if you use it in their room.

Anti-Allergen with NanoProtect S3 Filter

Enjoy beautifully cleaner air at all times with the Philips Air Purifier. Smart sensors measure the air quality of the room and automatically selects the appropriate setting, keeping the air quality at an optimum level whilst giving you peace of mind.

Purify and filter the air at home*:

captures 99.9% of bacteria in 1 hour**. removes 99% of airborne particles such as dust, pet hair & pollen

Smart sensors measure air quality:

Blue-Good; Purple- Fair; Red- Bad

Peaceful nighttime operation:

The purifier operates quietly and dims its light at night, allowing you to sleep undisturbed.

Breathe the difference - with VitaShield IPS and Aerasense technology

Captures 99% bacteria in 1 hour

Removes 99% dust, pet hair & pollen

3 Colours to easily show air quality

Removes UFP as small as 0.02um

Superior purification that can be applied to a 95-m2 (max.) room

VitaShield IPS with aerodynamic design and extra-thick NanoProtect S3 Filter boosts clean air delivery to 367 m3/hr, which can be applied to rooms measuring up to 95 m2.

Professional-grade Aerasense sensing technology

Advanced Aerasense technology, which can be benchmarked with a professional sensor, provides real-time indoor air quality using respiratory PM2.5 as an indicator. This means you will be assured of healthier air, always.

Advanced NanoProtect Filter delivers all-round protection

The extra-thick NanoProtect HEPA and AC filter is designed for superior purification efficiency and lifetime against airborne particles.

Healthy air protect alert for filter lifetime with accuracy

With advanced Aerasense technology, the filter lifetime is accurately calculated based on indoor pollution level, air flow and operation time. Healthy air protect alert lets you know promptly when it is time to replace the filter. If the filter is not replaced promptly, the appliance stops functioning to avoid running with no effect as the filter is no longer effective. So you are assured of healthy air, always.

Special AL auto mode is more effective for allergen removal

Specially designed Allergen mode is very effective for removing common airborne allergens.

Real-time PM2.5 feedback and 4-colour AQI light

The numerical PM2.5 indicator together with 4-step colour ring feedback provides real-time indoor air quality.

Ultra-silent in sleep mode at only 33 dB

Product turns down fan speed and noise level in silent mode for a comfortable night of sleep; lights on products can be turned off as desired.


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