PSB Imagine X1T Black Speakers Pair

PSB Imagine X1T (Black) Speakers (Pair)


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A deceptively slim and discreet floorstanding design, the Imagine X1T has wide bandwidth and high SPL output capabilities that defy its modest size. This dual-woofer transitional two-and-a-half way design features identical 5 1/4" woofers that work in tandem at the lowest frequencies but crossover at different frequencies to integrate better with room acoustics and give the optimum dispersion and power response. Like all Imagine woofers, the cone materials have been carefully engineered for optimal control, allowing for a simpler, more cost effective crossover design.

With the Imagine one-inch pure titanium dome tweeter, the Imagine X1T delivers refined sound with tonal, spatial and dynamic accuracy.

The Essentials.

True-to-nature sound is the design goal of all PSB Speakers. Imagine X brings a new level of realism to these affordable speakers applying the latest speaker materials and technology to PSBs most popular models. PSBs designers focused on simplicity—distilling sound to its purest essence—in order to bring listeners the experience that they really love.

Acoustic Research Makes the Difference

Through many years of research at the National Research Council Canada (NRC), home to one of the worlds most advanced acoustical laboratories, the design team at PSB Speakers has learned not only what people love to hear, but also how they hear it in a room. Critical to the Imagine X design is this research into human perception of sound using double-blind listening tests. Double-blind testing removes any listener bias to give the most accurate test result. It allows PSB to understand what is most important to listeners and it allows them to create the ideal blend of performance and price for every application. In 1974, PSB were the first company to use the NRC for loudspeaker development and they remain the most active user of the facility today. Their experience with the NRC, how they interpret the data and implement it into the design of their Imagine X speakers, sets them apart from other speaker manufacturers. It has allowed them to focus on their primary goal—delivering real sound for real people.


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