Rega TT PSU Power Supply

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Rega TT PSU Power Supply

The all new Rega TT PSU and motor anti-vibration circuit is a combination of the innovative P9 Power Suppl,y along with an improved P25 anti-vibration motor drive feeding the P9 24V AC synchronous motor. The TT PSU uses a remote 'wall wart' transformer therefore keeping the sources of hum and noise well away from sensitive parts, such as the cartridge and phono leads.

The compact TT PSU uses exactly the same high stability crystal locked low distortion sine wave generator thats sed in the heart of the P9 Power Supply. This, along with an efficient drive amplifier fed from stabilised DC Power Supply, generates a 24Volt AC balanced signal of less than 0.05% distortion, which is completely unaffected by any changes in the mains/line voltage and conditions. This then drives the Turntables anti-vibration circuit, which is situated beneath the Turntable.

The drive voltage for the motor is run along the power lead to the turntable motor, which also carries the 33/45-RPM DC relay control voltage used to activate the anti-vibration circuit.

Note: The TT PSU can only be used with the RP3, P3-24, P5 and P7 turntables. It is not compatible with any other Rega or manufacturers turntables.


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