Samsung F-IRM-UK-V2 SMART THINGS Motion Sensor

Description :

The SmartThings Motion Sensor is a Zigbee device that lets you know when movement is detected in your home, and it can trigger different actions in response to that movement. Tell lights to turn on and off as you come and go, or set your personal theme music to play when you enter a room. You can also protect your home by triggering lights, sirens, and other electronics to turn on if there's unexpected motion. The SmartThings Motion Sensor detects motion up to 15 feet away with a 120-degree field of view.

The sensor can also detect temperature and trigger smart thermostats, window AC units, and portable heaters to automatically adjust. Place the Motion Sensor on a table or shelf, or use the included adhesive and magnetic mounting bracket to place it on a wall. You can also attach the Motion Sensor to metal walls and appliances using the magnetic back cover.


  • Brand Samsung

  • Depth 0.0 mm

  • Width 0.0 mm

  • Weight 0.0 kg

  • Height 0.0 mm

  • EAN 856418004259,

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