Somfy Protexiom Wireless Water Leak Alarm 2400509

Somfy Protexial radio water detector

Protexial the Somfy radio water detector offers you an optimum control of areas with a high risk of flooding, e.g. in the field of washing machines, sinks, water pipes or pump sump.

The Somfy radio-water detector consists of a radio module and a water sensor. The water sensors into contact with water, this will be forwarded to the central alarm unit. This informs you immediately.

The radio-water detector is the alarm control center as zone "Technology". This zone is monitored even in blurred to stand the alarm system and leads to an alarm is triggered. The water detector is thus around the clock on standby.

Highlights & Details

  • Informs you about the Somfy Protexiom at flood alarm system
  • Comprising of radio module and water sensors
  • Around the clock active - even when the Somfy Alarm Control Center


  • Detection via resistance measurement
  • Electrodes probe
  • Tamper monitoring: against the opening of the housing (radio module)
  • Somfy radio frequency 433.42 MHz and 433.92 MHz


  • Protexial radio water detector
  • 2 x LR03 Alkaline
  • User manual.
  • System Requirements
  • Suitable for the Somfy Protexial alarm system.


  • Brand Somfy

  • EAN 3660849005092

  • SKU 1584716

  • MPN 1584716

  • Country of origin fr

  • Depth 15.0 mm

  • Clock Frequency 433.0 mhz

  • Length 95.0 mm

  • Width 33.0 mm

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