Somfy Radio-Controlled Motion Detector for Somfy Alarm Systems

Somfy radio-controlled motion detector for somfy alarm systems

The Protexial Wireless Motion Detector with built-in camera is intended for monitoring rooms within a house or apartment. It detects body heat, which are within its field of view.

When a motion the motion detector sends a signal to the alarm control center, the triggers an alarm. At the same time, up to 4 images for verification of the alarm message recorded on a secure external alarm server. The access to the images via the Internet with somfy alarm app or the PC.

Highlights & Details

  • Monitoring of indoor areas.
  • Flexible positioning
  • Built-in camera


  • Detection method: heat detection
  • Flexible positioning thanks to battery mode
  • When motion is detected signal to the alarm system
  • Tamper monitoring: against the opening of the housing, against the tearing off of the detector from the wall
  • No wiring required


  • Wireless motion detector with integrated camera
  • 3x battery
  • Console for corner mounting
  • Fixings
  • User manual.
  • Comments
  • You can use the Wireless Motion Detector for the Somfy Alarm Systems Protexiom (Order No. 1583467) and Protexial.


  • Brand Somfy

  • EAN 3660849502553

  • SKU 1628637

  • Country of origin fr

  • Clock Frequency 434.0 mhz

  • Width 58.0 mm

  • Height 113.0 mm

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