Pretend Play

We invite you into a world of imagination. A world where anything is possible. A world where

you can be a princess one day and a budding chef the next. A world where you can really bake

scones in your toy kitchen or have a tea party with your dolls. This is the world of

imagination. Help your child embrace it. Choose a nifty playset from our collection. Maybe a toy

castle or a Pet Vet play set. Perhaps you’re a mechanic who needs a toy tool bench or even

a children's puppet theatre. What fun! Come along for the ride. Don’t forget about some

beautiful wooden toys for your tot. Which sparks their fancy? A wooden pink pram or maybe

a wooden farmyard. You pick it. We get the best deal. Win Win. Playing house is always better

with a dollhouse. So many choices. Let the fun begin! Choo choo, here comes the train. We’ve

also got a grand collection of toy trains and train sets to choose from. Embrace the fun.

Embrace the adventure. Let your imagination soar.

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