De'Longhi ICM 17210 Clessidra

Certified ECBC Bruhtechnologie

Perfect filter coffee after certified ECBE Standard: here is the optimum ratio between coffee, water, temperature and bruhzeit is guaranteed. In 4-6 minutes is a coffee with 10 cups of coffee at 92-96°C brewed cup. With a coffee-water ratio of 7 g coffee powder to 125 ml of water is such a filter coffee with balanced flavor prepared.

Based on the classic coffee making facilities by hand (pour over) ensures the preparation in schwallbruhverfahren a always same interval in the coffee making facilities and, thanks to a special and extracts the maximum flavor from the coffee powder.

Highlights & Details

  • Brewing temperature 92 - 96 °C
  • Constant coffee/water ratio (7g/125 ml)
  • 2 speed dial buttons for preparation to ECBC standard and in Schwallbruhverfahren


  • Filter coffee machine with elegant but functional design with high quality material mix made of glass and plastic
  • 2 speed dial buttons for preparation to ECBC standard and in Schwallbruhverfahren
  • For 10 cups/1.25L
  • Precise thermostat to guarantee the perfect water temperature for the preparation (92-96°C)
  • Premium glass jar (dishwasher-proof)
  • Suitable for standard paper filter (v-shaped)
  • Anti-drip system
  • Full Quantity Display
  • Hot plate - The coffee is kept warm for 40 minutes after the preparation
  • Automatically switches off after 40 min
  • Decalcification note
  • Anti-drip system
  • Sealed hot plate
  • Accessories: holder for a clean shut off the filter insert (included)


  • Coffee Maker
  • User manual.


  • Brand De'Longhi

  • EAN 8004399333253

  • SKU 1782837

  • Country of origin it

  • Color glass

  • Length 280.0 mm

  • Width 188.0 mm

  • Weight 1.8 kg

  • Height 330.0 mm


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