KORG SQ1 MIDI Controller

In 1978, the SQ-10 Step Sequencer, together with the classic MS-20 analog synthesizer. After 30 years of return both in updated form as MS-20 mini and SQ returns -1. The SQ-1 is a compact step sequencer with 2 x 8 steps. Thanks to its wealth of connections, you can use it not only with the MS-20, but a variety of other synthesizer. This allows a single set both vintage analogue synths as well as modern compact synths. You can choose between different synthesizer modes and with the Step buttons spontaneous performances, as well as with an instrument of the Volca-Serie. Free yourself from editing numeric parameter values, as is typical for DAWs. Open for real musical inspiration by your hearing to train and concentrate on "hand made" settings. Experience music, by your instinct.

Highlights & Details

  • MS-20 and many other types of devices can be controlled
  • Different Sequencer Modes
  • Step Edit Buttons in volca-stil for unlimited improvisation possibilities
  • Sturdy, compact housing and battery operation


  • Brand Korg

  • UPC 4959112123342

  • SKU 1763262


  • Country of origin jp

  • Length 84.0 mm

  • Width 93.0 mm

  • Weight 641.0 g

  • Height 63.0 mm

  • ean 4959112123342

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