Philips Café Gourmet Coffee Maker in Stainless Steel

Philips Coffee maker Stainless steel Cup volume=12Perfect filter coffee brewing every day.

Perfect filter coffee brewing every day. Unique Bruhtechnologie for intensive and aromatic filter coffee maker Enjoy a day perfect filter coffee with the Philips Cafe Gourmet coffee machine. Your unique "Boil & Brew" technology maximizes every part of the Bruhprozesses - for a hot, full-bodied coffee.

Boil & Brew The Direkt-Bruh principle heats the water in the first glass container to boiling temperature before it to the coffee powder is poured. At any time you get hot, intense and aromatic filter coffee.

Ideal brewing temperature Thanks to the brewing temperature of 93°C only the best flavoring substances from the coffee powder are extracted - a real taste experience.

Aroma Twister This nozzle can be incorporated in the coffee is the jug that it evenly in the jug circulates in order to guarantee an optimum and uniform flavor from the first to the last cup.

Keep your coffee hot After the preparation of your coffee reserves the coffee temperature at the hot plate, so that you can enjoy hot and delicious coffee permanently.

Automatic switch-off (30 min) 30 minutes after the preparation of your coffee, the coffee machine for more safety and a lower energy consumption. So that, you can fulfill an EU regulation for all coffee machines in the EU. If your coffee hot longer to remain, Philips offers coffee machines with thermal jug.

Drip stop The drip-stop function allows you to give a cup of coffee, even if the full brewing process is not yet completed.

Dishwasher-proof parts The glass jug and filter holder can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Compartment for cable storage The spare cable can be easily in the cable compartment on the back of the coffee machine is to be stored. The allows you to set up the coffee machine optimally in your kitchen.

Highlights & Details

  • With a unique Direkt-Bruhprinzip
  • With glass jar
  • Stainless steel


  • Unique Direkt-Bruh-principle for hot, intense and aromatic filter coffee maker
  • Excellent brewing temperature for intensive taste and excellent aroma
  • Aroma twister lets the coffee is incorporated that it receives the best taste
  • Keep the temperature of the coffee even after brewing at
  • Automatic shut-off after 30 minutes for more safety and lower energy consumption
  • With the drip-stop function, you can enjoy a cup of coffee einschenken, whenever you want
  • Dishwasher resistant parts for easy cleaning
  • Cable Storage compartment for simple positioning in your kitchen
  • The swivel filter holder for easy filling of coffee
  • Case material: stainless steel and plastic
  • Material: plastic water tank
  • Capacity: 1 l water tank
  • Water tank capacity: up to 12 cups
  • Cable length 0.8 m.
  • Bruhzeit for a pot: 10 Min.


  • Coffee Maker
  • User manual.


  • Brand Philips

  • EAN 8710103797784

  • SKU 1544307

  • MPN HD5413 00

  • Country of origin nl

  • Material plastic water tank

  • Color stainless steel

  • Length 225.0 mm

  • Width 195.0 mm

  • Weight 2.3 kg

  • Height 510.0 mm

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