Wall hanging wooden organizer box

Handmade wooden wall hanging box organizer designed to provide you with a functional solution to store and organize your everyday´s small objects, mail and desk accessories. A simple wooden box you can hang anywhere you need it to use it as a shelf and a box.

When you are at work it can help you have your desk clean of pens, drawing tools and your agenda or sketchbook.

At home it can help you have your arts & crafts tools at hand or your personal belongings such us your smartphone´s chargers, tv remote control, mail etc.

It´s handmade using birch plywood carefully crafted and finished with a lot of love and care. It´s surface is finished with transparent natural wax to protect and nurture wood.


Size: Length: 40 cm / 15.75″ Witdh: 11 cm / 4.3″ Height: 11 cm/ 4.3″

Materials: Birch plywood

Finishing: Natural wax


  • Brand Oitenta

  • Material Birch plywood

  • Length 40.0 cm

  • Height 11.0 cm

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