8ft Whirlwind Trampoline and Enclosure

At a glance

  • 8FT trampoline for long-lasting outdoor fun
  • Engineered to deliver performance
  • style and safety with every bounce
  • Giving total protection from the springs and frame


Engineered to deliver performance, style and safety with every bounce, Plum’s 8ft Whirlwind Trampoline will be a garden talking point for years to come. Plum’s Whirlwind Trampoline has a solid steel frame, galvanised inside and out for additional protection against rust.

Fitted with a neon swirl enclosure that protects the user from the springs and frame parts, the contemporary 8ft trampoline is fit for safety and style in equal measures. Top quality, zinc coated springs and a durable, UV treated jumping mat give a brilliant bounce performance. Plum’s Whirlwind jumping mat fits to the trampoline enclosure through small eyelets, giving total protection from the springs and frame parts and making the trampoline Springsafe.

A thick, galvanised steel frame, zinc coated springs and durable, weatherproof materials ensure that the Whirlwind is an investment built to last. The perfect garden accessory for children (and adults!) aged 6 years and over.

Shipped from the United Kingdom


  • Brand Plum

  • SKU 30191AC82

  • Color black

  • Diameter 8.0 '

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  • Store price £259.99

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