Alessi Scoiattolo Squirrel Nutcracker

At a glance

  • Alessi Scoiattolo is a wooden base with mirror polished stainless steel squirrel nut cracker
  • Designed by Andrea Branzi
  • this handsome squirrel will be at home in even the most stylish of homes
  • A pleasure to use


Crack nuts in style with Scoiattolo from Alessi. The sleek design of this nutcracker makes Scoiattolo a pleasure to use and this handsome squirrel will be at home in even the most stylish of homes! Designed by Andrea Branzi, Scoiattolo is made from mirror polished stainless steel, with a smooth wooden base.

This stylish nutcracker has two different sized bowls, so you can crack nuts of all different sizes. Pop the nut you want to crack into the correct bowl then using Scoiattolo's tail as a handle lower the squirrel into place and his arms will crack the nuts open.

Shipped from the United Kingdom


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