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  • Size: 45 cm  x 60 cm high x 80 cm wide.
  • Made From: Mint green coated steel, FSC wood, wood balls, cotton rope.
  • Made In: Amsterdam.
  • Designed By: &me
  • About This Brand: &me is founded by two creative sisters – Jacqueline & Monique Horstmann. Making design objects for kids and babies. The products are handmade and produced in the Netherlands.


Finally - a stylish, modern baby gym that you don't mind having out on display! Lots of rings, balls and colourful rope for baby to exercise on

Place it on one of our cuddly play mats for a baby friendly zone. Also available in off-white.

Shipped from United Kingdom


  • Brand Andme

  • Length 60.0 cm

  • Width 45.0 cm

  • Country Of Origin Amsterdam.

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