Ayasa Brass and Copper Storage Containers

These beautiful Ayasa storage containers by Tiipoi are handmade in Bangalore, India from spun brass or copper and have lids made from ayurvedic Neem wood, a type of wood used across India for its antibacterial properties.

Great for dry storage, with a food-safe silicon seal to keep contents airtight they make a fine addition to any kitchen.

Tiipoi is a London based lifestyle brand that was founded in 2013 by Spandana Gopal. Through Tiipoi, Spandana wants to engage a wider audience with concepts of good materials and astute ergonomics as part of daily life – something she feels has always existed in India, but has somehow been overlooked. The brand has an ethos similar to Such & Such, their material approach to design looks to inspire considered living in a world where product lifespans are growing shorter and disposable materials are abundant.

Every Tiipoi product is made with the intent that they will one day be passed on.


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