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  • The perfect choice for your baby’s first high chair
  • Comfortable, ergonomic and safe
  • A unique safety solution
  • Dishwasher-safe


The perfect choice for your baby’s first high chair. This ergonomic high chair helps your child to sit comfortably in an upright position during mealtimes. The High Chair has a unique safety solution whereby the table keeps your child sitting safely. Happier mealtimes for both large and small! Suitable for children aged six months to three years.

The High Chair table opens up and, when closed, keeps your child safely sitting down during mealtimes. This makes it harder for the child to stand up or to push against the table with the legs and fall backwards. The table lock cannot be opened by the child. A comfortable high chair that provides the right support. The curved backrest helps your child to sit upright and the table can be adjusted as your child grows.

The high chair can be folded up for easy storage and transport. It is only 25 cm wide when folded up. The High Chair has smooth surfaces to prevent food from getting stuck. The table fits snugly against the child’s tummy to prevent food from falling into his or her lap. The tray can be detached easily for cleaning. Dishwasher-safe.

Shipped from the United Kingdom


  • Brand BabyBjorn

  • Depth 25.0 cm

  • Length 89.0 cm

  • Width 44.0 cm

  • Weight 5.0 kg

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