Blossom Paris Sleeping Bag - Washed Linen

At a glance

  • Made from 100% washed linen
  • Made in Portugal
  • Lining 100% cotton
  • Left hand side zip


Blossom Paris offers variety of accessories for babies, made from natural fabrics and designed with cool prints. Grey sleeping bag is made from 100% cotton and has an orange cotton tassel on the side. With the zip on the left hand side, this sleeping bag will be easy to use and will keep your little one warm and comfortable during the nighttime.

It comes in two sizes: up to 6 months and from 6 months to 18 months.

Sarah Weerts, born in Belgium, studied in Paris and received her fashion degree in 2003. After several years at Vannina Vesperini as director of collection, she joins the brand Cacharel where she will be responsible for the feminine ready-to-wear clothing as well as the licenses (accessories, crockery, jewels). Fascinated by the universe of the house and the child, she launches her brand "Blossom" in 2013.

Shipped from France.


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