Bodum Assam Tea Press 1.0 Litre Black

At a glance

  • Brews tea at preferred strength without a need to remove the infuser
  • Heat resistant borosilicate glass, stainless steel lid, strainer and plunger
  • Patented system stops brewing when tea is plunged so tea is not bitter
  • 1.0L/34 oz. capacity
  • All parts dishwasher safe


Bodum's classic Assam tea press utilizes the same brewing system as the French Coffee Press to allow for full control of the tea steeping process

The silicone plunger locks tea leaves into the bottom of the filter once brewing is complete, cutting off access of water to the tea leaves.

Allows tea to be recycled for multiple uses.

Perfect for use with any loose leaf tea or tea bags

Silicone rim secures filter firmly into the teapot for precision pouring, and stays cool to the touch for safe removal


  • Brand BODUM

  • SKU 184401

  • ean 727015010281

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