Bosch Styline Cordless Electric Kettle TWK8631GB - 1.5 Litre White


With it's exact four temperature LED control for various drinks plus gloss white and anthracite finish, the Bosch Styline TWK8631GB kettle boasts brains and beauty.

Different hot drinks require different water temperatures for best taste results, e.g. herbal teas, coffee, etc. Fortunately, the TWK8631GB Styline kettle enables you to heat the water to the specific temperature and will even maintain the setting if required.

The eco design saves up to 66% energy over a conventional kettle and there's even an acoustic signal to let you know when your water is heated. Pouring is easy too, thanks to the ant-slip soft touch handle.

Boil dry and overheat protection, as well as the double wall cool-touch housing also provide extra peace of mind.


  • Brand Bosch

  • SKU 100055126

  • MPN TWK8631GB

  • Color white

  • Weight 2.0 kg

  • EAN 4242002618647

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