Bosch WTA74100GB 6Kg Load Vented Tumble Dryer Class C White

  • AntiVibration: the spiral design on the sidewalls increases stability and therefore minimises noise when it's running.
  • SensorDry: sensors monitor your laundry, preventing overheating and energy waste.
  • Sensitive Drying system: soft, even drying thanks to the unique drum structure.


Throughout the drying cycle, advanced sensors monitor your laundry, preventing overheating and automatically stopping once your garments reach the desired level of dryness. All you have to do is select from four drying options. Fibre damage caused by over-drying becomes a thing of the past, and there is no excess energy consumption.


Whisper quiet. Our clever AntiVibration spiral design on the sidewalls of this model increases stability and reduces vibrations therefore minimising noise. Plus. improved sound insulation and low noise shock absorbers dampen noise further. Perfect when you want to put a load on any time during the day, or night.


Have you ever worried that your tumble dryer might be too harsh on your delicate fabrics? With Bosch tumble dryers, gentle, warm air flows from all directions, so washing doesn't stick to the side of the drum. Plus, special SoftFlow paddles keep your laundry constantly turning. Sensors detect how much moisture is left and end the cycle as soon as your washing is dried to perfection - without the risk of over-drying. So you'll get soft, fluffy, crease-free laundry every time.


  • Brand Bosch

  • SKU WTA74100GB

  • Depth 635.0 mm

  • Color white

  • Width 599.0 mm

  • Weight 45.0 kg

  • Height 842.0 mm

  • ean 4242002842189

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