Brio Farm Railway Set

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  • Quality, durable design
  • 20 pieces set
  • Compatible with other Brio railway components


Experience life on the farm with the Brio Farm Railway Set.

This charming set contains a circular track, a train and tractor to pull loads and a barn with magnetic lift. There is also a cow if milk is required!

Like all Brio railway components this set is durable and high quality with a large wooden component.

Features: Barn with lift, Tractor with wagon, engine with wagon, Hay bail, Cow, 2 gates, Signal, 8 curved tracks, 2 Grass tracks.

Age guide: 3 years and up

Shipped from United Kingdom


  • Brand Brio

  • Depth 13.0 cm

  • Length 39.0 cm

  • Width 30.0 cm

  • Weight 1340.0 g

  • Country Of Origin GB

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