Carapau Handmade Burel Toy - Bear

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  • Carapau is an 100% Portuguese brand
  • High-quality products with focus on design, colour
  • Reinvention of traditional Portuguese materials
  • Design and handmade Burel Bear toy


Our vision is to create contemporary and hight-quality products with focus on design, colour and reinvention of traditional Portuguese materials  and trademarks of the history of Portugal. Luxury art toys and products for home, handcrafted made with high-quality and ecological traditional Portuguese raw-materials which combine ancient erudition with a contemporary design, constitute one line of the products of the brand. All of this products are made in our studio in Oporto, Portugal.

In another line one may find products like t-shirts, bibs, baby bodysuits, note-books or soaps centered in remarkable characters and icons of the culture and Portuguese history, which are now recreated through fun illustrations. With all of our products we pay a lot of attention to detail, not only in terms of design but throughout the entire production process. Both of us, Rita Faria and Tiago Couto, two Portuguese Graphic designers, created in 2013 this great poetic, demanding and exciting adventure, the one we call Carapau Portuguese Products.

Bural is a Portugese handmade fabric with the origin in the mountains. Made entirely of wool. It is one of the most resistant fabric in the world. It is a strong, tight, wear-resistent, water-repellent and fire-retardant fabric. This characteristics come from the way in which it is made: after being carded, the wool is transformed into a mesh. The mesh is then twisted in the spinning process and turned into thread. The thread is then woven into a fabric, which is then transformed into bunting at the loom. The bunting is then submitted to a pounding process and other processes, until it is finally transformed into burel. 

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