Chicco Next 2 Me Crib Circles - Special Edition

At a glance

  • Soft padded sides for extra comfort
  • Special Edition fabrics
  • Soft mattress included. Removable and washable lining.
  • Easy transport in the storage bag included
  • Easy to attach or remove from parents' bed using the 2 fastening straps provided
  • Easy transport in the storage bag included


Next 2 Me is the original side-sleeping crib, created and designed to allow you to sleep next to your baby without sharing the same bed, as recommended by the baby experts. Next 2 Me is also the lightest travel crib on the market, just 9 kgs! The crib can travel with you everywhere thanks to the practical travel bag included. The baby can always sleep in the same nest whenever he travels with you. With the new Next2Me crib, your child can safely sleep in the crib while you can rest next to them, or cuddle and breastfeed comfortably. This way your bond will grow stronger and your nights will be more peaceful.

It helps the newborn to adjust sleeping-awake times. It helps with breastfeeding for mothers. It reassures parents and makes the child feel safe. It strengthens the bond between child and parents and it helps the child to grow more self-confident and sociable. Sleeping in the same room (but not in the same bed) reduces the risk of SIDS.

Maximum adjustability – Next 2 Me can be adjusted up to 6 different heights and it can also be used inclined to help with baby’s congestion and reflux. Wide height range from 35cm to 52 cm, to adjust to most beds, with user friendly adjustment buttons on both sides.

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