Chippies Robot Puppy - Robotic Dog

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  • Chippies Robot Puppy Chippers and Chippette
  • Playful zippy, interactive, remote control puppy
  • Loveable robotic dogs
  • Cute puppy sounds and animations
  • Control them all with a single remote


Meet Chippies Robot Puppy Chippers and Chippette - He’s got sass and she’s got class! These loveable puppies are a member of the Chippies family. Chippies are a playful pack of zippy, interactive, remote control puppies. These loveable robotic dogs love to show off their many tricks, and can be a little mischievous too. Chippies have tons of energy and love to move and groove all day alongside active kids. Take your pick of the litter with multiple styles and personalities - or adopt more than one and control them all with a single remote. There’s a playful pup for everyone!

Feature bright LED eyes, poseable hind legs, cute puppy sounds and animations. Pet their noses for different reactions including sniffs, barks, puppy kisses, toots, and even a sneeze! Use the remote control to make your pet dog dance, sing, chase its tail, or tell it which way to roll.

Chippies can explore your room on their own, or guard it from intruders using their infrared sensors. They'll even sing together as a pack!

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