Chou du Volant Rocking Motorcycle

At a glance

  • Wooden rocking motorcycle Chou du Volant
  • Can be used in rocking position or in static position
  • Sleek and timeless design
  • Made in France
  • Unbreakable transparent polycarbonate windscreen


This Wooden rocking motorcycle Chou du Volant with a sleek design, timeless, immediately recognizable has been designed to accompany a growing child and offer him/her several toys in one, with complementary educational roles to develop their coordination and balance.

This toy can be used in rocking position or in static position, thanks to the reversible support (2 functions in 1). Due to its design (low center of gravity), this rocking motorcycle allows the child to play safely from the age of one year.

This rocking motorcycle can also be transformed into a wooden riding toys by means of a kit of spare parts (Kit Evolution KTEV – 02).

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