Concrete Classic Wall Clock

Sascha Czerny is something of a designer’s designer. Immersed in the minutiae of his craft, his work combines exacting handcraft with a profound love of the character and nature of his materials. The Classic Wall Clock strikes a fine balance between minimalism and warmth, the austere purity of the concrete contrasted with the lovingly crafted oiled ash hands to timelessly elegant effect. Handmade and poured in Berlin, this is a timepiece very much ahead of the curve.

Brand: WertWerke

Designed in: Germany

Material: Concrete / Oiled Ash Hands

Color: Grey with Natural Ash Hands

Measurements: H: 38 cm W: 38 cm D: 3 cm

Comment: The clock comes with hanging appliances / Each clock is individually cast and thus has its own unique surface appearance.


  • Brand WertWerke

  • Material Concrete Oiled Ash Hands

  • Color grey

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