Cowon Plenue D2 Digital Audio Player

PLENUE D2 uses dual CS43131 DACs, a next-generation premium DAC with a high-resolution headphone amplifier, to achieve perfect HD sound with minimal noise. With the high-quality 2.5mm balanced output, DSD128 is native, allowing you to hear your music as clear as possible. With a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 130dB, a harmonic distortion factor (THD + N) of 0.0004% and a balanced output of 4.0Vrms and 5 digital filters provided, you can enjoy sound tuning that exceeds the hearing limit even with the same original sound. JetEffect 5, a unique sound field technology from Cowon, and BBE + is also included to provide the optimum music environment to satisfy various customer's preferences

The PD2's combination of a low-power circuit and low battery consumption with a high performance battery allows the PD2 to play continuously for 45 hours of MP3 standard and 30 hours of high-quality standard content. It comes with 64GB of on-board memory and supports micros SD cards up to 128GB.

140 Levels Volume Control

More precise volume control, which is subdivided by 0.5 dB per step, enables very fine volume control. The 'Accelerate and Increase' function, which is used by pressing and holding the button, allows the listener to enjoy the HD sound at the optimum level, making the volume width of the 140 steps easily and quickly.

11 Levels Playback Speed Control

You can select the desired playback speed from among 11 levels of playback speed from 50% to 150%. When you want to listen at a slower speed than the default playback speed of 100%, or when you want to listen at high speed, you can select the desired playback speed and enjoy it.

Wide Angle Touch Display

The PD2 is easy and simple to operate, with a wide viewing angle touch display and intuitive control GUI.

Control Buttons - Power, volume, playback, navigation

With the buttons, you can easily control all functions related to music playback, such as power, volume, playback, navigation, etc. so you can easily control them in your pocket.

Graphic User Interface

The sophisticated GUI is easy to operate and intuitive, with user-friendly design as the top priority. High-resolution album art, Matrix browser, and three player skins to enhance visual customisation.

JetEffect 5 and BBE+

JetEffect 5 and BBE+ combine to correct sound distortions and phase caused by either the physical limitations of a receiver or the listening environment and reproduce sound closest to the original studio recording. In addition, users can create their own optimal sound according to their personal preferences via the use of BBE+ and EQ filters.


  • 24bit/192kHz high resolution sound
  • CS43131 dual DAC
  • 3.5mm and 2.5mm balanced output
  • JetEffect 5 and BBE+ to adjust player to personal preferences
  • Up to 45 hours of playback from one charge
  • 64 GB onboard memory and supports micro SD card up to 128GB


  • Brand Cowon

  • ean 8809290183651

  • color silver, gold

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