Ebac AWM96D2H-WH 1600rpm 9kg Washing Machine Dual Fill

Perfect Wash Protection. Your Ebac machine will check the balance of your intended laundry load and automatically adjust spin speeds and wash times.

With a choice of 24 settings. You can be sure the Ebac machine has the programme you use and with its wide access portal you’ll find a full load easy to place in and easy to remove.

Modern Low Temp Detergents build up Bacteria. Our special drum clean programme is designed to kill bacteria and remove dirt, prolonging machine life.

Ebac’s British Made policy. This means we employ a UK customer service team to respond to any enquiries you may have.


  • Brand Ebac


  • Depth 620.0 mm

  • Color white

  • Width 595.0 mm

  • Weight 60.0 kg

  • Height 845.0 mm

  • ean 5015608308163

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