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  • Oversized lounge rabbit
  • 100% luxurious cotton fabric
  • Highest quality, very strong, durable fabric
  • Dimensions: 210cm 150cm (ears to toes and arm span)


The Fatboy CO9 XS is an oversized lounge rabbit made of soft but sturdy stonewashed fabric with bold stitching. CO9 XS is filled with a comfortable beans filling and available in 4 colours. Complete with Rabbit poo juggling balls (obviously). Highest quality, very strong, durable fabric. Highest quality filling.

Material: 100% luxurious cotton fabric. Weight: 5.25 KG

You can clean the cover in various ways: wipe clean with a moist cloth or water and soap.

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  • Brand Fatboy

  • Material 100 luxurious cotton fabric

  • Length 210.0 cm

  • Weight 5.25 kg

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