Fatboy Ch-air Inflatable Armchair

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  • Model:900.320
  • Designer:Alex Bergman


Fatboy Ch-Air inflatable armchair is made in heavy duty PVC with a reinforced base.

The main body of the Fatboy Ch-Air is available in 3 different matt colours; white, silver & anthracite.

The Ch-Air is a generous in size, extremely comfortable heavy duty inflatable chair. Suitable for a vast range of interior & exterior uses — in the garden, on the beach, outdoor festivals or just lounging around in the sitting room.

Due to the Ch-Air’s easy to use, inflate & deflate design, it can simply pack away into its own carrying bag, making it perfect to transport to any inside or outside location.

When using this Fatboy Ch-Air outside, we recommend securing it, to avoid being blown or moved by strong winds. This can be achieved by adding weight to the provided pouch which will then act as an 'anchor'. Simply fill the pouch with sand or pebbles and attach it to the Ch-Air.

As well as its own carrying case this Fatboy inflatable chair is supplied with a puncture repair kit.

lease note that a pump is NOT included with this Fatboy inflatable armchair.

Shipped from United Kingdom


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