Fatboy Original Bean Bag

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  • Model:9008
  • Designer:Jukka Setälä


The Fatboy Original Bean Bag is oversized, adaptable, hard wearing yet soft and comfortable. Available in a wide range of nylon fabric colours, which have a protective inside coating. This Fatboy Pouf can be used as a lounger, upright chair as well as many other shapes & uses.

The Fatboy Original water resistant bean bag comes with a separate inner detachable bean bag to enable easy cleaning of the outer bag. This has both a zip & sealed protective Velcro tape. The Fatboy Original is not designed for outdoor use, however the outer bag can wiped clean easily with lukewarm water and soap. The PVC coated nylon outer bag is also water resistant.

Fatboy Original Pouf Colours

The Fatboy Pouf is available in the following colours: pink, white, turquoise, orange, petrol blue, yellow, black, ice blue, blue, brown, dark grey, lime green , red, silver, taupe, dark purple, light pink, sand, grass green.

Shipped from United Kingdom


  • Brand Fatboy

  • MPN 9008

  • Length 180.0 cm

  • Width 140.0 cm

  • Weight 7.0 kg

  • EAN 8718164879289

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