Ferm Living Enter Mirror

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  • Designer: Søren Rose Studio
  • Material: Powder coated metal, mirror and leather
  • Dimensions: Small: W: 26cm; H: 36cm or Large: W: 45cm; H: 52cm
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A mirror with a timeless appeal that was made to compliments other items in the Ferm Living collection. Enter is a simple mirror that adds a tan leather harness to add character and charm.

The Enter Mirror from Ferm Living was designed in collaboration with New York based Søren Rose Studio. Enter is a simple and understated mirror that uses a tan leather harness to suspend the circular mirror. The strap and simplicity of the mirror give it a timeless appeal. Use the Enter mirror with any of the Ferm Living accessories to complete the simple and Scandinavian interior you desire.

Available in two sizes to suit the needs of your interior.

Shipped from the United Kingdom


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