FurniQi Side Table

Affordable, sustainable and easy to assemble

wireless charging table.

Your home, upgraded



Qi Wireless Charging spot marked with a subtle laser engraving that can be used to charge up any of your Qi-enabled devices

A simple and elegant bamboo side table

Distinctive look and feel of natural bamboo complements any environment perfectly

FurniQi comes with a standard caramel-colored USB cable that matches the look of the table. As a result, you can use any of the USB wall adapters, or a myriad of other power sources including the QiStone+

Electronics are hidden discreetly and are isolated so you can use FurniQi like you would any other side table; it's resistant to daily mishaps

Thanks to an optional audible notification and a carefully lasered impression to indicate charging spot, FurniQi is easy to use even at night, without turning the lights on

Just drop your phone on the table to charge,

then pick up & go

Drop & charge

In the Media

CNET London-based Fonesalesman knows how to make a great-looking prototype.

TECH TIMES Fonesalesman Looks to Give Ikea a Run for Its Money With a Line of Wireless Charging Furniture

(Brian Heater)

Distinctive look and feel of natural bamboo complements any environment perfectly

Charging has never felt so natural

First and foremost, an elegant table

FurniQi is a breeze to assemble. Versatile and elegant side table. Oh, and it will charge your devices wirelessly.

The future of furniture

FurniQi integrates style, convenience and smarts in one bamboo table. Plug & Play convenience without compromise.


Power Source

5V / >1000mA USB A

Wireless Standard


Charging Efficiency


Charging Distance



Height: 470mm

Diameter: 400mm


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