Geometric Bag - ATTITUDE157

At a glance

  • Perfect eye-catching element of your daily outfit
  • Pure design
  • High quality faux leather
  • Geometric and minimalistic design


The Geometric Leather Bag is the perfect eye-catching element of your daily outfit. It gives you enough space for all you “must haves” and let you easily combine it with everything because of its pure design.

The geometric leather bag is made out of high quality faux leather as I am against of using genuine leather. It is fully lined inside. The bag does not have a zipper. I was always fascinated by the geometry, it is a main inspiration of mine and most of my designs has a geometric and minimalistic design.

Shipped from Bulgaria


  • Brand ATTITUDE157


  • Material Leather

  • Color black

  • Length 0.0 cm

  • Width 44.0 cm

  • Weight 0.3 kg

  • Height 68.0 cm

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