Hape Ice Cream Emporium Car

At a glance

  • This darling Hape ice cream stand is sure to inspire hours of playtime and imagination
  • Perfect for the little boy or girl in your life to bring out their potential entrepreneur spirit
  • Recommended for ages 36 months and up


This ice cream stand is a delightful way to bring out the best pretend play for the ice cream lovers. Cart is portable and includes a collapsible side table.

16 Piece set includes: Ice cream emporium, 3 ice cream treats, 3 ice cream scoops, 3 ice cream cones, 1 purple cup, 1 juice box, 1 blue ice cream scoop, 1 carton of milk, 1 yogurt and 1 yellow ice cream container.

Shipped from the Netherlands.


  • Brand Hape

  • SKU B0106Y2HVO

  • MPN E3139

  • Depth 37.3 cm

  • Length 101.6 cm

  • Width 77.5 cm

  • Weight 6.0 kg

  • Language German, English, French, Spanish, Italian

  • UPC 6943478012813

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