Harber London NOMAD Organiser for Macbook Pro 13" and Ipad Pro 12.9"

At a glance

  • Every-day carry, made simple.
  • Fits iPad Pro 12.9" With/without Smart Keyboard.
  • Fits MacBook Pro Retina 13" & New MacBook Pro 13" TouchBar.
  • Keeps everything organised in one place.
  • Transforms into a Backpack or messenger bag if needed.
  • Great for cords, pens, business cards, notepads, Apple Pencil notepads, business & credit cards, etc
  • Convenient Zip pockets.
  • Handmade by expert craftsmen in Spain.
  • Made with Full Grain Vegetable tanned cowhide leather.
  • 100% Wool Felt Lining on device side.
  • Dimensions: 26.6 x 36 x 1.6 cm | 14.17"x 10.47"x 0.62"


Introducing our new NOMAD series for iPad Pro 12.9" & MacBook Pro 13" Retina and TouchBar, to help you keep everything organised on the go.

After years of awkwardly carrying stuff around, filled pockets, filled backpacks and a need to better carry our stuff more organised, we wanted to create a good looking organiser that was comfortable, adaptable and yet practical when going around. Hold your cords, keys, credit and business cards, a small notepad, paint brushes or tools, and everything you might need in a slim and stylish fashion.

This is why we designed the NOMAD, for life on the go and to help you carry better

Shipped from United Kingdom


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