Harman Kardon Omni 10 Multi-room speaker

At a Glance

  • Wireless sound in all rooms
  • Play your favorite music can easily over all wireless HD audio products from Harman Kardon throughout the house.
  • You can enjoy different pieces of music in the individual rooms
  • Classic here, Rock there - with multiple channels, all happy.
  • Follow me audio - at the touch of a button
  • Your favorite music follows you by the whole house - at the touch of a button.
  • Control and setting via the app.


With the app from Harman Kardon, you can listen to your favorite music throughout the house. Taxes and be configured individually on the HD-audio system wire and wirelessly via the app.

The party can start! If several songs can be played wirelessly, you can select your favorite piece with the push of a button. And with a longer press of the button, the party mode is activated in each speaker the same music sounds. The area-wide control easily - even without a phone or tablet.

In contrast to other wireless systems, the Omni 10 from Harman Kardon even HD audio content in studio quality with 24 bit/96 kHz play. Enjoy an outstanding audio experience with a higher resolution than on a CD.

More music, more flexibility, more fun. With this option, each app (e.g. iTunes Radio or Spotify) in the Harman Kardon audio experience involved. Via Bluetooth ® transmits the Omni 10 your music to all speakers in the house. Multi-channel surround sound. With several accordingly positioned speakers you can enjoy in-room sound experience in the room. The Harman Kardon Omni10 can be in a stereo or multi-channel speaker system. Streaming playback via Bluetooth ® or mini jack. Connect your audio device via Bluetooth ® or a 3.5 mm jack plug connection to your Omni 10 and the loudspeaker is the signal automatically via WLAN spread and the music in the entire house play.


  • Brand Harman Kardon

  • UPC 6925281911965

  • SKU 1560450


  • Country of origin cn

  • Color white

  • Width 181.0 mm

  • Weight 1.34 kg

  • Height 166.0 mm

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