Hay Tree Trunk Vase

At a glance

  • Designer: Richard Woods/li>
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Graphically illustrated with a bark design
  • Timeless appeal which will sit comfortably in any interior style


The Trunk Vase , designed by Richard Woods for Hay is a bold vase with a matt finish, . Initially only available in black and white, the collection has been updated to include three new colours: orange, pink and green. With its expressive, tonal hues it will fit seamlessly into any more interior.

Whether buying for a gift - to yourself of someone else - the Tree Trunk Vase from Hay offers a timeless appeal which will sit comfortably in any interior style. Available in four colours and two sizes, the familiar and bold graphic styling of this vase allows it to be used for either fresh flowers or dried stems/ twigs. Why not mix sizes and colours together for real impact?

Available in two sizes - small and medium - each features separate holes in which to place flowers and stems.

Shipped from the United Kingdom


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