Herbie Indoor Herb Garden Planter

At a glance

  • Ultimate in indoor gardening
  • Uses a hydroponics system to provide nutritious, oxygenous water to the roots of the plants
  • Grows plants up to three times faster than conventional methods
  • Contains no soil


For the ultimate in indoor gardening, Herbie is designed for a wide variety of plants, from flowers to veggies. The Active Growing Technology ensures that the different types of plants prosper without extra effort from you.

Herbie has been designed in order that everyone, even with no prior experience of growing plants or vegetables, will succeed. Yet another benefit is that you can use herb and lettuce pots bought from the supermarkets and, with the right care, they will continue grow for months. You can also plant your favourite plant or vegetable from seed. All this takes less than 15 minutes of your time every month.

Herbie fits up to six plants and can fit pots with a diameter up to 11cm. The start-up package includes the Herbie indoor garden with integral lamp and water pump (mains operated) plus starter growth nutrients. Growing instructions are included. Seed pods are available to purchase separately.

Shipped from the United Kingdom


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